The Show Goes On

In 1973 a group of Morrisville High School students formed a band and began playing at the Nottingham Castle Hotel

45 years later, on June 26th 2018 three of them, Kim Earl, Kevin Smith and Phil Walsh returned to ‘The Nott’ for a one-off reunion show with special guests and a few surprises. 

Tardim Studios were there to record the evening.

Just in time from Christmas there is a Limited Release (50 copies  - CD only) of the night. 

16 highlight tracks with a bonus ‘Encores’ disc 


In July 2018 we lost a true friend.

Author, Journalist, DJ, Dub Master, Connoisseur, Inspiration, walking encyclopedia of music knowledge and the very definition of the word 'Gentleman'. 

Please check out his top 100 list on the link below.

Farewell my friend and I hope wherever you are, the goat curry is hot and the volume is set at 12.


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