During the 80's and 90's Doc K.E.Ford was 'The'  photographer of the thriving Hamilton Music Scene

Now based in Sheffield, England Doc has been busy sorting and scanning her vast collection of images.  We've picked the best and are running a series on mini exhibitions - 'The Tron'

We're trying to get these images out to the musicians and bands that are included in that collection but sadly there is no backing documentation so in some cases we're not sure who some of the acts were.

Please share this site with all of your muso friends, you know never know who might see someone they recognise. And if you were involved in any of the bands or events, please contact us and we will endeavour to get the full sets to you.



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Prelude - Knightshade, Hamilton Hard Rockers at their best in the 80's & 90's >>

Verse 1 - Roxoff, The Gold Bar, Shakes, Heaven 17 >>

Verse 2 - The Beat Boys, Stonehenge, The Exchange, Guru's >>

<< Verse 3 - The Zaks Band Awards 1990

Verse 4 - Top Of The River, Made In Britain, Musicare, Zaks >> 

<< Verse 5 - The Tu Mauriora Festival of Song at Te Rapa Racecourse., 1988

Verse 6 - Absent Friends, Zaks Nitepub, Split Image >>

and in other news........


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