Hamilton - Home and Away

As we remembered with Doc K.E.Ford's other exhibitions, in the 80's and 90's there was a wealth of great bands, of all genres, playing and recording in Hamilton

And not just around the local Waikato venues.  Many of us packed up the Trucks, Trailers, Cars & Vans and headed out around the entire country.  It was a great time for live music and some great adventures.  

The heady days when you would drive 5 hours crammed into the truck or van with 5 or 6 other unwashed and hormonal musicians & crew, load several tons of equipment up the rickety back stairs of some dingy nightclub (god, we must have been fit), spend hours setting up,  play 4 hours in hot sweaty explosions of youthful energy, only to pack it all down and load it back in the truck, maybe grab a couple of hours sleep, a gas station pie & a can of coke , and off to the next gig. Complete madness, and I wouldn’t want to change a minute of it.

But, the mullet haircuts are long gone and sadly, a lot of these venues have since closed or are no longer featuring live music but their memories live on.

Again,  These pages are not intended to be a definitive guide to the Hamilton or NZ music scene. There are many sites, including Ian Duggan's 'HTown Wiki' and  Simon Griggs 'AudioCulture' for more in-depth displays.  These are just our memories of a very special time in our lives.



Load up and hit the road



Most commonly famous for the 2 flights of stairs to load up, 

and the Saturday Night Fever lighted dance floor

The Bands

From Rock 'n' Roll to Heavy Metal.  Covers and Originals. Part Time or Full

Through the 70's, 80's & 90's, The Hamilton bands were out and about.

Life on the road


Hamilton's top touring venue of the time, 

The Hillcrest Tavern

More People & Places

The Gafford Hampsters


Behind the scene and behind the wheel.

The guys that kept everything working


Our 'home away from home' for many years, The Lady Hamilton

Another backstairs pack in and the most notorious band room in Hamilton

More venues

The ups and downs of

life on the road

The Lake Concerts

Out, In the field

Echoes (mk I)

@ The Chateau

The Bronx