'Duncan Campbell was and will always be a journalistic curiosity, musical junkie and self-indulgent bon vivant. His career spanned over four decades across all media platforms, including 12 years as host of bFM's 'Sound System', dedicated to reggae, his abiding passion. He was an author, gourmet, connoisseur and performer with 1000's of  stories on hand.

AND.....he was my friend. I miss him dearly 

He once listed his TOP 100 ALBUMS OF ALL TIME......and I share that with you

Agree?   Disagree?  Push the button and find out.

On 1/3/16 Dunc was interviewed on Radio New Zealand on his memories of the

1980's Western Springs show from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.  To hear
the entire broadcast or read his review.....click below.

3am and thinking of Duncan - Kev P.

In the 80's & 90's Kev was a well known figure in the Hamilton music scene. Looming (pun intended)  over the lighting desk at the Hilly and Lady H, and touring with bands such as Echoes and The Politicians. 

He is currently based in Sheffield UK, with his partner classical/techno cellist 'The Doctor K.F.'  

The couple were back in NZ last June and the 3 of us were lucky enough to spend a weekend with Duncan, shortly before his passing.

Gone but definitely NOT forgotten.



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