Prophecy - Morning Sunrise

In the mid 70's while still at school but playing as resident band at the Nottingham Castle Hotel, Prophecy wrote their only original song, 'Morning Sunrise'

In late 2014, Kevin & Kim were working with Phil on his solo album ‘Scenes From the Movie In My Head’ and they all realised that Morning Sunrise had managed to stick in their heads all of these years so decided to finally close the chapter that was Prophecy and record it.  With the aid of engineer and producer, Dean Carter, and Kevin taking over the drumming role they tracked down Murray in Sydney to overdub  the guitar work and so, here is, ‘Prophecy’ with the song that took them 40 years to record, “Morning Sunrise”

Kim Earl (Murphy) – Vocals

Kevin Smith – Drums, Kabassa and Vocals

Phil Walsh – Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Keyboards

Murray Fergusson – Guitars


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