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In the early 70’s a group of Morrinsville & Te Aroha teenagers formed a cover band and called themselves ‘Prophecy’.  Kevin Smith & Kim Murphy on vocals;  Murray Ferguson & Phil Walsh on guitars with Stephen Horwood on drums.

They started out playing guest spots for service clubs and charity events and ended up as regulars at the Nottingham Castle and the local and surrounding sports clubs and social functions for nearly 3 years.

During that time they, along with a friend, wrote their first (and only) original song,  “Morning Sunrise”

Since then, all of the members of Prophecy wandered off on a variety of career paths. Kevin, Murray & Phil spent many years as part of the Hamilton music scene playing (in various combinations) in bands including ‘The Classics’, ‘The Break’, ‘Echoes’, ‘Kix’, ‘Big Rock’, ‘Split Image’, ‘China Blue’,’ The Politicians’, ‘The Bronx’ and ‘Velvet Bulldozer’.  From there Kevin became an in house solicitor and Phil, an IT Systems consultant.  Murray moved on to the cruise ship entertainment circuit and is currently based in Sydney working as a councillor and still playing the odd solo gig every now and again. 

Kim remained in Morrinsville, married and raised a family.  She is heavily involved in the local Theatrical Society and has performed in many of their productions.

Stephen decided that his path was volunteer service overseas and sadly we lost him to cancer several years ago.

In late 2014, Kevin & Kim were working with Phil on his solo album ‘Scenes From the Movie In My Head’ and they all realised that Morning Sunrise had managed to stick in their heads all of these years so decided to finally close the chapter that was Prophecy and record it. 

From the success of the single they decided to follow it up with a full album ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ which they released in 2016, returning to the Nottingham Castle in Morrinsville for the album launch

The future?   All of the members are busy with a variety of projects.  Kim is fronting and recording with her new band ‘Kim Earl & the Wide Boys’,  Murray continues to perform his solo show around Sydney and Phil is buys running doublebass and both he & Kev are both part of the Velvet Bulldozer revival.  But they are all in contact so who knows?  Stranger things have happened.


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