THE TRON - Verse 5

From  Both  Sides  Of  The  Stage

In December 1988, Musicare Sound was contracted to provide the Sound System for The Tu Mauriora Festival of Song at Te Rapa Racecourse.

Luckily, we took along Doc K.E.Ford as the official 'Crew' photographer to capture all of the action from Backstage to Front Of House.

Here's how it went.


Capturing the crew at this festival was an enlightening experience which I recall as though it were yesterday.  It had it all: a big rig, threatening weather, backstage politics, eclectic programme, talented performers and crucially, a first-class crew. 

This was also my inaugural collaboration with Phil Walsh as exhibit curator.  After the event, we reviewed the proof sheets (which I still have) and selected a modest number of black & white images.  I then went to work in the darkroom to produce enlargements which were mounted to 16 x 20 inches for exhibit at Musicare over the following months. 

Those original prints were scattered far and wide and currently grace the walls and environs inhabited by crew and cast in NZ, and here, on the other side.  

Thanks to the wonders of digital technology, we have now been able to produce a more comprehensive exhibit online.  One that provides a more detailed picture of the work of the crew and a more deserving tribute to the unsung heroes who made it all happen on the day. 


We hope you have been enjoying these collections. We having lots of fun putting them together,..... and there is more to come.

Yes, you can download the photos from here, albeit that they copy at a fairly low resolution.  We only ask that if you use them for any further posts or promotions that you include the copyright tag (c) Doc K.E.Ford.
However, remember that the photos here are simply our picks from a much larger collection.  If you were involved in any or all of these shows, please contact us as we will endeavour to arrange copies of any you would like, no charge other than media devices (USB sticks, discs etc)
There will be no downloads or sales to the general public.
Cheers, Phil


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