Rockin' The TRON .... Verse 2

More photo's taken by Doc K.E.Ford during the mid 80's of Waikato Bands and Musicians.  There's bound to be someone you recognise.


At Zaks



Radio With Pictures Gig


THE EXCHANGE Muso Club Nights

'GURUS' (Student Union Building)

Doc K.E.Ford

I am now living in the City of Steel, Sheffield, England  My negatives have been in storage for around 30 years and now have a new lease of life due to the miracles afforded by a high quality flatbed scanner and professional scanning and finishing software. My journey into digital reproduction continues to be one of rediscovery of images taken, people and interactions captured, and the venues inhabited. 

You've seen the photo's...

...Go check out the Soundtrack


We hope you have been enjoying these collections. We having lots of fun putting them together,..... and there is more to come.

Yes, you can download the photos from here, albeit that they copy at a fairly low resolution.  We only ask that if you use them for any further posts or promotions that you include the copyright tag (c) Doc K.E.Ford.
However, remember that the photos here are simply our picks from a much larger collection.  If you were involved in any or all of these shows, please contact us as we will endeavour to arrange copies of any you would like, no charge other than media devices (USB sticks, discs etc)
There will be no downloads or sales to the general public.
Cheers, Phil


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